The Best Web Hosting Services For Artists | 2021 Ultimate Guide

In today’s world, there is a massive need for gaining popularity among people around the whole world. There stands a need to display the best of yourself in front of everyone. If you call yourself an artist, you need a platform to show off your talent to the whole world. The Internet is a fantastic platform where you can earn an audience for your work and products. Therefore, a situation comes forward when you need to create a website of your own to outclass your hidden talent. However, it is not a cup of tea for everyone to create, manage, and handle their websites on their own. The need for a web hosting provider stands ahead in support of your site.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a vital service for everyone who wishes to create a website for themselves. You cannot share your site with your viewers without the help of a web host. In simple words, the job of a web hosting provider is to acquire a website with all services and technology necessary for a site to get on the Internet. Web Hosting has a vast market of its own as you will find numerous sellers waiting for new customers to enjoy their services. However, the task of all these web hosting providers is same.

There are a lot of companies who establish their servers for people to run their websites. These servers usually have a high-speed internet connection which helps a website work smoothly. However, these services come at some expense. It depends on what you wish for and what type of hosting you require for your site. There are different plans for different types of web hosting coming from many web hosting providing companies. So, you have a choice to select the perfect hosting partner from a long list of options.

Types of Web Hosting

There is an option to select the type of web hosting for your website. It depends upon the size of your website and the monthly visitors you expect to get on your site. For artists, the selection of the type of web hosting is critical as changing the server can cause them the traffic loss. Without any further ado, let’s read about the different kinds of web hosting available on the Internet.

  • Shared Web Hosting

It is the most common option of selecting a web hosting for your website. Shared Web Hosting is common among small businesspeople who cannot afford the expensive VPS servers. It is a platform for different sites to run on a single server. Considering the title of this web hosting, different websites ‘share’ a single server. It is relatively cheaper than other web hosting and has some fantastic features to offer. Despite the process of sharing and having a reasonable cost, you can enjoy the best services and latest technology with the support of shared web hosting.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting provides a single host server for a website. Each website has a server of its own where they are run and gain a massive load of traffic. Naturally, a single server dedicates itself wholly to a website. Because a solo server for a site, it is slightly expensive. However, every penny spent on dedicated hosting is worth it. You get a lot of outstanding features such as a dedicated IP address, fast-paced page loads, an ample space for storage, and the means to handle a lot of traffic.

  • VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is somehow similar to Dedicated Hosting. VPS here stands for Virtual Private Server, the server in which you share with other users but a single server is partitioned. So, despite sharing this server with others, you have your dedicated server. In this hosting, hundreds of computers are networked together and appear as a single source. The benefit of going for VPS hosting is that if you are shifting from small scale to large scale, you do not have to change server. On the same server, you can carry on your business even in the situation of gaining a lot of traffic.

  • Cloud Hosting

It is a new type of hosting which allows its customers a robust, scalable, and reliable platform to run their websites. These hosting services provide hosting on virtual servers which pull their computing resource from the physical web servers’ underlying networks. The option of customization is vital in cloud hosting as you can select what you want. Furthermore, a customer has to pay for only those services he/she requires for his/her website.

These are four main types of web hosting, you will find in almost every web hosting company. Some other well-known types of web hosting are managed web hosting, colocation web hosting, clustered hosting, grid hosting, etc.

What Features an artist need for their hosting?

It is necessary to understand your wants before the purchase of any web hosting plan. The question arises what should you look after in the section of features of a web hosting. As an artist, you should know your requirements. Below is the list given of the different features an artist need for their hosting.

  • Cheap Hosting

Price is the primary factor which you should consider before buying any hosting plan. Look for a cheap and the best hosting provider who fulfills every possible need of your website. You can invest your remaining budget in new instruments.

  • Storage

Every website starts with the aim of growth, and an artist has to upload their recent videos & other stuff regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to have a lot of space for storing whole data from the past, present, and upcoming future. The site may become slow if the storage capacity is low in comparison to the size of data available.

  • Uptime Guarantee

Almost every web hosting company gives an uptime guarantee to their customers. However, not every hosting website offer100% guarantee upon the uptime of their website. So, look for a site which will not let your website face the downtime.

  • Productive Theme

A good theme will attract a lot of customers. If your website has a good theme with an easy to use interface without any complications, then customers will feel comfortable in using your site. Another requirement of a productive theme is that it should fit your profession and match with its looks.

  • Good Speed

High-speed websites are always good for future growth. Your website shouldn’t take the patience test of your customers. It doesn’t put a good impression if your site takes so long to load.

  • Customer Support

Feedback and a proper customer care facility is essential in today’s time. The job of selling doesn’t end on the sale of your product. After sale services are vital in the case of web hosting too.

Best Web Hosting for Artists

Web Hosting is different for businesspeople and artists. So, it is significant to know what’s best for an artist and his/her website. Here are some of the recommendations for an artist to look after.

BlueHost is an easy recommendation because of its simple and user-friendly interface. It is the best option for those who do not know the web hosting and servers. The support team of BlueHost is terrific and quite helpful. It will help you launch, customize, and manage your site with an easy. Also, the price is affordable if your budget is low and you get five free email addresses on the sign-up. Overall, BlueHost is the perfect option for the rising artists who are seeking for an online platform.

Visit Bluehost

A2 Hosting is another fantastic web hosting provider who will fulfill every possible need of an artist. Although the name says A2, it provides A1 service to its customers. You can get up to unlimited email addresses, domains, and databases. Also, the uptime guarantee is top-notch, as the site is 24/7 available for its users. It helps artists to gain a lot of viewers with regular activeness. The best part of the A2 Hosting is that you can cancel the subscription any time you want to if you dislike it.

Visit A2 Hosting

Cloudways is not mainly a web host, but it acts as an intermediate between the buyer and the seller. They offer a managed hosting platform where you purchase a server through another company under the security of Cloudways. The primary function of Cloudways is to handle safety and upkeep for you. It provides a helping hand to their customers and stands wherever & whenever necessary.

Visit cloudways


Web Hosting Sites are vital for artists as they cannot handle everything on their own. These web hosting sites act as a helping hand for the artists and provide a platform to outshine their talent in front of the whole world. The Internet is a stage for all the artists where they can show their ability. Also, there are a lot of features which can help these artists to gain more and more traffic. Viewers get them traffic, and if the content is attractive, then it will help them earn a load of money.

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