Choosing Best Website Hosting For Photographers – Ultimate Guide

Choosing best web hosting for photographers is crucial for many reasons. Probably 90% of the photographers are mostly confused while taking this step and are generally browsing guides to choose the best web hosting for their requirements. However, your search has finally come to an end as this article covers all the basic needs of photographers and how they aid in calculating which web hosting is most suitable for your cause.

Choosing Best Website Hosting For Photographers - Ultimate Guide
Choosing Best Website Hosting For Photographers – Ultimate Guide

First of all, it is essential to understand the basic needs of the website alongside one simple thing: Nothing promotes better than an eye-pleasing design with full functionality. A fully functional website with a great design is going to make people love your work even more. As photographers, consider it as a background choice for your photographs. A deep and lovely background makes your photographs unique. In the same way, choosing a host which offers all such functionality options will increase your reach.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting allows an individual or a company to publish a web page or a website onto the internet. The services that are required for the website to be viewed on the internet are provided by the web hosting service provider. Special computers that are termed as servers host and store the websites. For the users to view your website, they just have to type the address of your website or domain into the browser. After this their computer connects to your server and thus, your web pages get delivered to them. In order to host with most of the hosting companies, it is required for you to own your domain. Just in case you don’t have a domain the hosting companies will assist you in buying one.

There are various different types of web hosting that you can choose from according to your suitability.

Types of Web Hosting

  • Shared Hosting: This is the perfect choice when it comes to entry level web hosting. In shared hosting, the website is stored on the same server as numerous other websites. This is the simplest and best methods for all the beginners out there.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: VPS hosting servers impersonate dedicated servers while being in shared hosting environment. VPS hosting is best suitable for those who require more control but don’t wish to invest in a dedicated hosting plan.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: Dedicated hosting allows the website owners to have most control over the server. Your website is the only one stored on the server. It is solely rented by you. You will have the control over just about everything.
  • Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting works via a network, like the internet. It basically is a hosting solution that allows organisations to use up the computing source as a utility, such as electricity or gas.

What Features Do Photographers Need In Their Hosting?

You don’t need a host that has constant uptime issues. Leaving all the small talks aside, let us just dive into some of the must-have features that every website host should have, especially for photographers:

Storage Speaks

Yeah, storage speaks when you’re looking forward to make a website that is mostly going to contain high definition pictures all over it. Moreover, some photographers often tend to become videographers: Take videos of places. You can upload all of your photographs and videos on your website but it will eat away lots of space. Therefore, it is quite obvious that your host should promise you abundant storage space to store your pictures and videos. With a stroke of luck, nowadays hosts are more tempted to offer unlimited storage space to users which will definitely help you in this department. Though, if you are willing to opt for a smaller hosting company that does not offer enough data space, we highly suggest you to drop the idea as soon as possible.

Best Hosts In This Department: 

  1. InMotion Hosting: InMotion hosting is definitely one of the most stable hosting companies. All Inmotion hosting business hosting accounts have unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
  2. DreamHost: For certain hosting plans, Dreamhost also offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Along with that, on an average Dreamhost delivers with 99.94% uptime and the page load time is 23% faster that its rivals.
  3. GreenGreeks: GreenGeeks hosting services come with solid RAID-10 storage arrays. This helps in faster page loads and maximum redundancy.

Features Talk

As you are aiming to build a fully functional website with no loose ends, you have to settle with a host that offers great features and showcase your photos and videos on a reliable content management system. WordPress is by far the best and the most favorite CMS in the world. You can always build your own website via PHP. However, having a CMS will ease up lots of things for you. All in all, whatever your choice is, your host should offer you an intuitive and easy to use backend toolbox such as cPanel to keep track of your website and enhance it whenever you want to without facing any complications. Some hosts provide a wide variety of image gallery options, feel free to get a host that could curb your needs in this department.

Best Hosts In This Department: 

  1. SiteGround

Speed Matters

In a recent survey, it was noted that website speed plays a major role in deciding visitor’s time spend on the website and if they’ll ever want to return or keep visiting the website again and again in the future. Slow loading will negatively motivate the visitor to close the website and run away as soon as they can. Therefore, you might find yourself in trouble of finding a host that can not only provide high uptime commitment but also offer you fast loading speeds to never run into such trouble ever. Getting high speeds is usually tough on shared server. Hence, opting for a cloud or VPS server is going to be most suitable for your website. Many hosting include a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that ultimately allows your photos and videos to be accessed from a server that is relatively closer to the viewer’s server to make them load fast in turn increasing website load times.

Best Hosts In This Department: 

  1. A2Hosting

Support Helps

It is always nice to have a companion always ready to help you if you ever run into trouble. Everyone needs someone to talk to if they ever have any doubts or encounter any issues and good web hosts certainly know this. Therefore, many hosts offer live chat support, email support, ticket support, etc. to their users to ensure they never feel alone. Choose a web host that offers native English speakers as their support representative and offer 24/7 support as trust me, everyone encounters issues and only your host can help you with it.

Best Hosts In This Department: 

  1. A2Hosting

Automation Rocks

Imagine having to perform daily backups on your own, stay at your home and monitor your website throughout the day all the time? Sucks, doesn’t it? To ensure that you have enough time for marketing and not waste your entire time monitoring your website and performing backups, finding a host that offers daily backups and monitors your website 24/7 is very important. There are hosts that offer live support and live monitoring feature which means you can totally rely on them for watching your back without having to worry about anything.

Best Hosts In This Department: 

  1. A2Hosting


Summing everything up, you need a web host that excels in all of these five departments. Finding a host that offers abundant storage space, productive features, high speed, responsive support and automation options is going to make things easy for you and help you in setting up a great website for your cause! These are some of the best web hosts for photographers:

Cheap Web hosting For Photographers

  1. A2Hosting
  2. SiteGround


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