How To Fix ‘Server DNS Address Could Not Be Found’ In Five Simple Steps

If you use Google Chrome frequently, you must have come across ‘Server DNS address could not be found’ error at some point. Well, it is not a thing to worry about as you are not alone. A lot of Chrome users face this error and it is a casual error which occurs when DNS is unavailable. DNS here stands for Domain Name Server.

You must wonder why does it occur? Genuinely, whenever you visit a website, the primary act going on at the back is browser contacting DNS. So, sometimes the browser fails to do so and it results in the occurrence of this message. An error will come on the screen saying ‘This site can’t be reached’.

Don’t worry about this as this article covers the five different ways in which you can fix this problem and let the message go away without disturbing your working.

Different steps to solve this error

1. Update Your Drivers

The first thing you can do is to check whether you have an incorrect, outdated, or corrupt driver. This could be a possible reason why you are seeing this message. You can check your drivers’ condition either manually or automatically.

  • Automatic Driver Update

It is an easy way as you just have to download and install Driver Easy. It will automatically scan your PC and let you know about missing, outdated, or corrupted drivers. Driver Easy will update all the drivers on its own for you when you click on ‘Update All’ option.

  • Manual Driver Update

Search for the most recent correct driver on your manufacturer’s website. If you are not able to locate it, then contact your manufacturer and ask him. You may need to go through both, your computer’s manufacturer as well as the manufacturer of the component.

2. Clear Chrome’s Host Cache

Most of the times we have seen Chrome’s host cache blocking access to websites on being too full or corrupt. This can be another reason why you are seeing this error. To fix this, you need to open Chrome and type the following into your address bar.


When the screen opens, click on the button that says Clear host cache next to where it says Host resolver cache. After it is done, refresh the page, and proceed to your working.

3. Clear Your ‘etc’ Folder

Another way in which you can fix this error is to delete all the files from your PC’s etc folder. You can locate this folder via the following path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Once you open this folder, delete all the files and then reopen Google Chrome. Access any website and you must notice that the problem has vanished.

4. Modify Your DNS Settings

The configuration of your actual DNS servers could be a possible reason for seeing
this error. To check your servers’ configuration, press the Windows key and ‘R’ key simultaneously to prompt a run command. Now type ‘Control Panel’ in the text box and click on Ok button to open Control Panel. Then, click on Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings > Local Area or Wireless Network Connection and go to properties.

It will display the list of items your connection is using. Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 and then click on the Properties button. A general tab will open, select Obtain DNS server address automatically, and click OK. If it is already selected, then click on ‘Use the following DNS server address instead’ and click OK.

The Preferred DNS reads as and the Alternate DNS server as

5. Renew And Clear Your DNS

Windows automatically stores the IP addresses of the websites you visit. Sometimes it is possible that cache might get corrupt or outdated itself. However, there is a solution to this problem as you can easily renew and clear it.

To do this, open your run box and then type cmd in the text box. Now, hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open up the admin Command Prompt. Then type ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter to clear your cache. To renew your DNS, type ipconfig /renew and hit Enter again. After that, type ipconfig/registerdns and hit Enter for one more time.

That’s it. Now reboot your system and check if the error is fixed or not. Probably, one of these tips will help you out in resolving this error.

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