How Much Bandwidth and Disk Space Do I Really Need For My Website?

What is the average website Bandwidth usage? How much Disk Space is needed for a site? After opting for a web hosting plan, users are specifically inclined towards asking these questions to themselves. They seek advice from their friends, and they get a lot of suggestions regarding the same. However, you own your website, not your friends. You know about the site more than they do. The decision is yours. Though, before making the right decision, you need to understand how things actually work. You need to understand these terms before making decisions on your own.

How Much Bandwidth and Disk Space Do I Really Need For My Website?

Bandwidth is simply the number of traffic you generate on your site. It is a measure of data transfer that ultimately analyzes the number of people who can interact with your website. It is usually considered that a site focusing on providing text content to visitors is going to require lesser bandwidth compared to the one based on video or image. Your bandwidth need will vary as per the number of visitors you receive monthly. For higher volumes of traffic, you’ll require more bandwidth.

On the other hand, Disk Space is relatable to the hard drive of your personal computer. It provides users with the means to have a storage location for their website content. Website content includes all of your files, videos, and picture that you’ll post on your site. You’ll require more disk space depending on the type of your content. The disk space of a video based website has to be definitely more than a text based site to curb all your requirements.

Ultimately, you’ll throw these questions at us: Is 100 GB enough for a website? Is 50 GB enough for a website? Is 2 GB bandwidth sufficient for a website? Is 5 GB bandwidth sufficient for a website? No, you should not search this question on Google. Become your own website bandwidth calculator. Analyze your website needs and figure things out yourself. You can provide your analyzed data to a professional or ask them to analyze your site for you. However, never look out for a general answer.

As per a certain study, this is the amount of hosting bandwidth, and disk space generally needed depending on the page size and the traffic generated by the website:

Average Page SizeNumber of PagesDaily PageloadsMonthly PageloadsRequired Disk SpaceRequired Bandwidth
2 MB1001003000200 MB6 GB
2 MB500500150001 GB30 GB
2 MB10001000300002 GB60 GB
2 MB20002000600004 GB120 GB

Do You Need Unlimited Bandwidth?

It has considerably been a myth in the hosting business that hosting providers are actually going to award them unlimited bandwidth with their hosting plans. Every one of you has to pay for your bandwidth, fix this thing in your head. The meaning of the unlimited term here is that for all the average users out there in the web space; this bandwidth is going to be sufficient for their needs. That is all; there is no magic trick in here. Moreover, don’t opt for higher rates of bandwidth right from the start thinking your website is going to generate a lot of traffic. Keep it smooth, stick with the basics.

Do You Need Unlimited Disk Space?

For an average text website, it is generally found that most sites end up being around 150 MB with a particular web page ranging from 1-2 MB in terms of size. Many hosting providers offer unlimited disk space plans. Though, even for a video based site, it is considered that 5 GB is more than enough. However, if you scale in the higher zones, you’re going to need more than this. Though, for a small to medium scale website, 5 GB is sufficient for fulfilling all of your requirements efficiently.

Also, the reasons why the web space size is limited to 1-2 MB is because of how search engines rank the articles. A tip for you, never let your web pages go above 2 MB. It is going to directly affect your website and make search engines crawl away from it instead of crawling towards it. No visitors like to wait for the web page to load, fast load times are never going to get out of trend.

So, How Much Bandwidth & Disk Space Do You Really Need?

For a text based website, we’d recommend going as high as 2 GB. As it is mentioned, they usually range around 150 MB, and at most go up to 200 MB if you have a small to medium scale website. Though, for video or image based sites, the number would go higher. Still, 5 GB for a small to medium scale website is good to start with. Also, if you are planning to add banner ads and a lot of graphics, for such an advanced user 50 GB is more than enough to curb their requirements.

Your bandwidth usage will generally depend upon the traffic you generate. As it is shown in the figure, for a website with 60,000 monthly page loads, 120 GB is usually needed. In such cases, you need to study your traffic and make a wise choice regarding the same.

Ending Statement

Optimizing your website according to your needs is a tough task. You need to put a lot of thought before making a decision. We at smarthostingprice.com are always going to be present to hear your queries and solve them as soon as possible. We might even add a calculator to let you know what you need for your website. Till then, feel free to contact us whenever you want.

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