Top 10 VPS Hosting Services [2021]

Every growing online website reaches a point where an entry-level shared hosting service does not serve its purpose and it requires a more reliable, powerful network along with a larger disk space to store the data. A virtual private server (VPS) hosting is the precise answer to this problem.

A VPS hosting is quite similar to a shared hosting as it also has other websites operating under the same server. However, the amount of websites on a single VPS is marginally fewer as compared to a shared server. It is an extremely efficient step forward as it significantly improves the performance of the website compared to that of a shared server. It also helps business owners save some cash as they would not require to invest in a personal/dedicated for their website.

While an upgrade from a shared hosting to a VPS hosting is the ideal choice for any business owner with a growing website, it is just too difficult to get the right deal for oneself as there are numerous hosting providers most of which promise to deliver high-quality hosting. However, when you actually invest in their plans, they fail to deliver. Therefore, to solve this issue, we have come up with a list of the Top 10 VPS hosting websites to help business owners in their endeavors.

Top 10 VPS Hosting Services List 2021

A2 Hosting

The top spot is usually the toughest to choose when it comes to hosting providers. But A2 Hosting stands out as the clear winner when it comes to VPS hosting providers.

Launched in the year 2001, A2 Hosting is a well-renowned hosting provider and is a leading contender in the market. They provide various kinds of hosting plans to its users which include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and many others. Their plans are of the highest quality available but here are some of its key pros and cons to help you choose better.


  • Cost-efficient: The VPS hosting plans start at an affordable rate of $32/month.
  • Flexibility to the users: A2 Hosting allows its users to adjust values on their plans according to their requirement.
  • High Uptime and Speed: Their servers are known for their negligible downtime and blazing fast speed.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Their customer support is online at all times to guide the clients.


  • Management: Sometimes, one might struggle to manage their servers without technical assistance.

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Second on the list is GreenGeeks, a company founded in 2006. They believe in using efficient power resources made out of renewable forms of energy.

When it comes to VPS hosting, GreenGeeks is an amazing company to consider as they specialize in hosting plans for small business owners. Their VPS is one of the fastest available at the moment. Therefore, if you’re a blogger/small business owner looking for a fast and reliable hosting plan, GreenGeeks is the go-to choice. Here are some of its pros and cons to help you choose better.


  • Negligible Downtime: They guarantee a 99.99% uptime which is close to no downtime at all.
  • No data-loss risk: As their servers are almost always up and come with a reliable backup unit, the clients at GreenGeeks are assured of no data-loss.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage: They allow unlimited bandwidth and storage to its users.


  • Pricing: While their service won’t disappoint you, their VPS plans start at $40/month which is higher than its competitors.

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BlueHost is known for specializing in multiple reliable hosting services at an affordable price. They cover almost every hosting type that exists in today’s market including VPS hosting.

BlueHost offers 4 different types of VPS hosting plan with ‘standard’ being the most basic one and ‘ultimate’ being the most elite. Therefore, its clients receive a precise hosting plan upon purchase which suits their website perfectly. Here are some of its pros and cons taking VPS hosting as reference:


  • Numerous tools for a better experience: Plans at BlueHost come with various additional tools for its clients to enjoy.
  • User-friendly cPanel: The cPanel is quite easy to understand even for a non-technical client.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: They have a customer support team which stays online at all times of the day.
  • Pricing: BlueHost’s VPS plans start at $29.99 which is quite affordable.


  • Management: Technical skills are required for managing all server resources.

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With an experience of over 20 years, DreamHost is a highly respected brand for providing hosting services. Their repute asks them to be quite responsible towards their services and they never fail to deliver.

The VPS plans by DreamHost are of an amazing value. They are quite affordable even for a beginner and does not let you down when it comes to uptime and space. They also provide various extra services on their servers like free SSL certificates, etc. But to help you decide better, we have come up with a list of pros and cons for DreamHost’s VPS hosting.


  • Full Root Access: They provide full root access to the clients.
  • Security: All the data remains backed up and secure on their servers no matter what service one chooses.
  • Pricing: DreamHost’s base VPS hosting plan is filthy cheap at an affordable rate of $15/month.


  • Average support: While the company has a decent support team, it sometimes fails to deliver to the clients.
  • Low features on base variant: The $15 VPS plan from DreamHost only comes with 300MB of RAM.

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Founded in the year 2004, SiteGround has been a hosting provider for a while now. They specialize in shared server hosting but their VPS hosting service is also quite impeccable.

SiteGround has an innovative approach towards providing their service as advertised by them online. Their hosting plans are known for their customizability and security. Therefore, if you are looking for a hosting provider that will keep your data safe while providing you full flexibility for customization, SiteGround is definitely a hosting provider you should consider. Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Customizability: As previously mentioned, SiteGround provides various customization options to its users.
  • Unmatchable support: The company is known for its customer support which is available at all times of the day.
  • Free web-design software: Their hosting plans come with a free software for web development.


  • No unlimited storage and bandwidth: SiteGround’s VPS hosting does not provide unlimited storage and bandwidth.

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InMotion assures reliability to its clients. This is exactly what they are famous for according to customer reviews.

The VPS hosting plans at InMotion come with 3 different choices according to the client’s requirements. All 3 of these are affordable, come with a bunch of freebies and are perfect for all kinds of websites. Here are some of pros and cons:


  • Server speed: InMotion is known for providing blazing fast servers.
  • User-friendly cPanel:: The cPanel is quite easy to understand even for a non-technical person.
  • Freebies: As previously mentioned, the VPS hosting plan at InMotion comes with a bunch of freebies.


  • Pricing: While the pricing is quite standard and affordable, it still manages to fail against a few of its competitors.

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Despite being at the 7th spot, Arvixe is possibly the most unique VPS hosting provider out there. This is because they are one of the very few hosting providers which give its clients the option to choose between Linux-based and Windows-based servers.

Arvixe is known to offer mainstream hosting plans such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting all of which come with various customization options. The company has a very good reputation online and most of its customer reviews have been positive. But here are some of its pros and cons to help you decide if they are the company you are looking for.


  • Variety of options: The plans at Arvixe are quite flexible and some of its values including bandwidth, storage, etc can be extended up to an unlimited value.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee: Most companies usually provide 15 days of money-back guarantee. However, Arvixe comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • Pricing: This is a major issue when it comes to Arvixe as their plans start at $43 per month which is on the high side as compared to its competitors.
  • No free SSL certificate: Usually, hosting providers provide a free SSL certificate but Arvixe doesn’t.

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Founded in the year 1998, iPage has been in this business for quite some time. Over the years, they have shown improvement with the passing of time. They provide various website related services for business owners to check out.

The VPS hosting at iPage is very reliable and assures a high-class performance upon usage. Let us look at some of its pros and cons to get a better idea of what they have on offer.


  • Great support: iPage is known for its great support which is available 24/7.
  • Security: iPage servers are known to have a great artificial intelligence system which auto-detects various malware.
  • Pricing: With the base variant priced at $19.99, the VPS hosting by iPage is definitely one to consider for small business owners.


  • Costly renewal: While iPage initially provides hosting plans at an extremely cheap price but the renewal just makes up for the saved money and the users are troubled by having to pay a lot for renewal.
  • Slower than competitors: Despite the great reliability and security, iPage fails to deliver fast servers.

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Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a familiar face to everyone who has been following IT server management companies for a while. They have been in the market for a while now and seem to only get better with time.

Liquid Web is quite complicated on the outside as it comprises of various steps before you purchase your product but the company does not disappoint its clients when the going gets tough. They have multiple VPS hosting options for its clients. But to know more, here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Flexible Payment: Unlike most of its competitors, Liquid Web-only demands its clients for the resources they are using instead of everything that has been shoved into the plan.
  • Free incoming bandwidth: Their VPS hosting plan provides incoming bandwidth for free.
  • Fast servers: Liquid Web servers operate using an SSD. Therefore, they are extremely fast.


  • Average support: Liquid Web provides average support.
  • No money-back guarantee: Unfortunately, they don’t have a money-back scheme in their arsenal.

Check Out Liquid Web


Last but not the least, it is HostGator that makes the cut into the Top 10 VPS hosting providers with its amazing set of hosting offers.

Over the course of the past few years, HostGator has established itself into a respectable hosting provider online. Most of its reviews are positive and their approach towards the clients has been well appreciated. When it comes to VPS hosting, HostGator does the job fairly well. Its server speed and reliability is quite satisfying both as a client and as a follower. However, to help you judge them in a better way here is a lot of its pros and cons:


  • Speed: The speed on HostGator’s servers is quite good and due to this, the page loading times are quite less.
  • Redundancy: The servers come with a redundant amount of values keeping the client’s future in mind.
  • 45-day money back guarantee: HostGator provides a 45-day money back guarantee to its clients.


  • Poor support: The support team at HostGator has significantly dipped down over the past couple of years.

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Top 5 Free VPS Hosting Websites

Most business owners look for a reliable VPS provider as an upgrade from their shared hosting plan and in this case, some money has to be spent by them. However, there are some small business owners who want free VPS hosting without spending any money. Therefore, we have come up with a list of the Top 5 free VPS hosting websites.

5 Jelly

5 Jelly is a London based hosting provider which provides shared hosting and VPS hosting plans for absolutely no money. They also provide premium hosting plans to their customers which are highly rated in London.

The VPS hosting at 5 Jelly comes in 4 tiers with the first one being the most basic – this is the one they provide for free. The other 3 tiers are upgrades on the free VPS hosting plan. Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Server specifications: The free VPS plan at 5 Jelly comes with great server specifications like 1TB of bandwidth, 1GB of RAM, etc.
  • Multiple cPanels: It comes with multiple cPanels to connect different websites.


  • Not Reliable: Just like any other free VPS hosting provider, 5 Jelly’s free hosting is not reliable enough.

Check Out 5 Jelly


OHosti is a very new brand in the hosting market. They provide free shared hosting and VPS hosting to their customers. The company looks to achieve greatness and provide hosting services of top notch quality.

Their free VPS hosting comes in 3 tiers according to the client’s requirements. Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Free domain name: OHosti provides a free domain name to its new customers.
  • Server specifications: The free VPS comes with 512MB-2GB of RAM, 500GB-1.5TB bandwidth, etc.


  • Requires Technical Knowledge: The free VPS requires technical knowledge as most of its customization and troubleshooting is done manually.

Check Out OHosti 


InstaFree, a subsidiary of WSWD Inc., provides free as well as premium hosting plans. The free hosting plans include shared hosting and VPS hosting.

The company is located and provides only to the customers of the USA but its servers are quite reliable. Here are some of its pros and cons to help you choose better.


  • Ad-free: Even the free servers at InstaFree are completely advertisement free.
  • DDoS protection: It comes with DDoS protection for the safety of your website.


  • Server specifications: Unlike its competitors, InstaFree provides very low server specifications to its customers.
  • Lack of availability: InstaFree does not operate internationally.

Check Out InstaFree


Launched only a few years ago, Guhat is a subsidiary of 3 Jelly, a company which also owns 5 Jelly, a company already mentioned in the article.

The free VPS hosting plan at Guhat comes with free migration service and is the ideal choice if you’re looking for an efficient hosting plan. Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Cloud backups: Guhat provides a free cloud service for website data backups.


  • Requires Technical Knowledge: The free VPS hosting at Guhat requires technical knowledge as the troubleshooting of problems has to be done by the website owner.

Check Out Guhat


The Amsterdam based company is known for its free hosting services. It provides free VPS hosting for an unlimited amount of time.

The no-cost VPS hosting at YoCats comes with a variety of specifications including 200GB monthly bandwidth, 1GB of RAM, etc. Here are its pros and cons:


  • 99.99% uptime guarantee: YoCats guarantees 99.99% uptime on its free VPS hosting.
  • Preinstalled website builder: It comes with a free website building tool.


  • Poor customer support: The company is not clear about their plans the customer support is highly unlikely to help you with your problems.

Check Out YoCats

Ending Statement

A VPS hosting plan is very useful in today’s world as it is a significant improvement on a shared server and also comes very close to a dedicated server without digging a hole in your pockets. But when it comes to choosing the right hosting provider, most people struggle to find a reliable one. For solving this issue, we recommend you to go through the above list of the best VPS hosting providers and you wouldn’t be required any extra research.

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